Friday, January 25, 2013

coffee date

Click play...if only to make whatever face I'm making go away. K, thanks. 'Preciate it.

'Ello friends! I am linking up today with Rags to Stitches and 5oh Wifey for Coffee Date/Girl Behind the Blog. You guys, this is my first video...ever. I've never skyped or video chatted or anything, so this Eye-opening, to say the least (sweet mercy, let's hope I don't really blink all slow and dramatic like a drunk sorority girl.)

For the record, yes, I am aware that I have serial killer eyes.
(I was not, however, aware that my voice sounds like an Olsen twin. From ten years ago.)

Enjoy the awkwardness. And maybe make your own awkward video. 
If you want to link up, go over to this lady's blog:

Happy Friday!


  1. haha! Your so cute Heather! I loved this video and I feel the same way! I love meeting new + interesting people through blogging that I never would have met otherwise!! :)

  2. Yay! I loved your vlog! This weeks coffee date is only my 3rd vlog, and I am still so horrible at it! I thought you did a great job! I also laughed when I read the comment about your eyes and voice... because I wrote a disclaimer about my nose and voice on my blog!

    I totally wish we could have coffee in real life. I think we'd hit it off.

    P.S. Ignore your hubby's teasing, I LOVE the name of your blog.

  3. Heather! You express things so eloquently. At first I was pretty wary in participating with this link up, only because I'm so awkward in front of the camera... but I'm glad I did and that you decided to as well. It's neat to put words to a face / voice. Makes it even more personal:)

  4. You are so cute! :) First of all, love your outfit! And I agree, it's awesome when you click the post button and you're all unsure about what you wrote, and then you get a response and all of sudden you get a wave of relief like phew, I'm normal!

    Hope you don't mind run on sentences, because that definitelyy was one, ha!

  5. Heather- I think you and your blog are seriously adorable. I'm glad you've been enjoying this bloggy world (and you do NOT have serial killer eyes.. stop that!) Glad you linked up girly!

  6. you are so cute! i'm loving your blog already. and don't worry you only said, cool about ten times. :) just kidding with you.
    and serial killer eyes? girl you have gorgeous eyes!

  7. I think you are so great! You're probably one of my favourite bloggers these days. I love your genuine words so much. AND I think you have very very very great hair!

  8. i haven't even started watching your video yet and you've already made me laugh. your notes are hilarious!

    i love that you have only been in this for a month and are already diving deep. i had been blogging for years before i began reaping the benefits of this community! but i agree, jumping into the conversation is definitely a brave and sometimes scary thing to do. but i am glad you have!

    ps. i am also a kate middleton junkie. i want to be her best friend. but really, who doesn't?

  9. "...girls... women... whatever." Favorite part. Growing up sucks, I still don't want to call my peers men and women. Girls and boys it is. Foreverrrrrr!

    I've never vloged. It terrifies me. So kudos. And I love that you tagged it "awkward."

  10. You are adorable. Thanks so much for participating! It was my first time vlogging, as well, and as awkward as it was, I'm so glad I did. Had a blast meeting all of you lovely ladies behind your blog! :)

  11. I love it!! I am so fearful to vlog plus I rarely look as cute as you do


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