Tuesday, January 22, 2013

some confessions...

* I took up cussing for about a month in college. I figured it was a pretty safe form of rebellion. I didn't smoke or do drugs or come home with a bird tattoo, so I needed something. And I had always wondered what it'd be like to cuss at inanimate objects. It was short-lived, obviously, but it's one of those things I don't have to wonder about anymore. 

* I used to get Starbucks before going to my job at another coffeehouse.

* I have a fake succulent plant. 

I jumped on the bandwagon when succulents became cool because, honestly, when else has a plant been so trendy? I had a house full of real ones, because all the websites say it's pretty much impossible to kill them. And I killed them all. So I potted a fake one, with real dirt and everything. 

* I don't like Downton Abbey. 

   I know, I know. 

* I went through a Weird Al phase in middle school during which I owned two CD's and his movie. Thirteen-year-old Heather truly fascinates me. 

* In college, my sister and I happened upon some baby ducklings for sale so, naturally, we bought two and took turns hiding them in our dorm rooms. We didn't keep them for very long because they smelled terrible, but we never did get caught. 

* I'm that girl who instagrams pictures of her coffee and shoes. I'm annoyed by me, too.

*I didn't cry when I got engaged. Or married. Even though at the ceremony my husband surprised me with a song he wrote for me on a ukulele

And yet I cried once during a Folgers commercial. Folgers. The worst coffee ever.

 *Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I watch the Disney channel. I don't know, it just happens.


  1. I'm not a Downton Abbey fan either. I tried watching the first episode and had to give it up! I usually like such shows, but not that one....

  2. YES. I basically could have written this about myself, too. I didn't cry when I got engaged or married but I cried the other day, ON the treadmill, watching a Pampers commercial or something.

    I do have a bird tattoo, though. :)

  3. You are hilarious. I love that you aren't ashamed of your 13 year old self, or your silly Instagram account, because that is exactly how I am. Love it! & hey -- you are NEVER too old for Disney, miss!

  4. Yeah... I killed our succulent plant too... My husband has forbidden me from even looking at the real plants in our house... He's the one with a green thumb.

    Sadly, I do enjoy Downton Abbey.

  5. I am struggling to keep my succulent healthy... it scares me if I can hardly keep a plant alive... You are too awesome.

  6. bahaha! That Folgers commercial has made me shed a tear or two, too and I love taking photos of my tea/shoes!! :)

  7. Well if you ever come this way, we will have to make Starbucks dates and take pictures of our tea and post all over instagram. ;-) Last year when I went through my pictures for my year in review blog post, I might have been a little ashamed of how many of them dealt with Starbucks. ;-) I can't keep plants alive. I ship them to my mom's house to take care of after I do a good job of pretty much killing them. ;-)

  8. Confession: one of my hubs' friends plants and maintains my plants for me. I only took care of them once when he was on a missions trip to Sudan.

    I also didn't cry during engagement or wedding, I was too excited!


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