Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Listening to the Benny Goodman Pandora station. 

Reading MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Next on the list: Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

Playing card games with my husband after dinner and pretending that doesn't make us sound like we're seventy years old.

Eating all kinds of healthy food up in here. Avocado salads, almond milk smoothies, and raw fruits and veggies are my life now. And I don't hate it.

Enjoying late afternoon jogs in the park. (Okay, it's more like 80% walking and 20% jogging. But I work up a sweat, so there's that.)

Ready for Farmer's Market season and buying jars of honey from cute old men.

Loving small changes (like painting our furniture) and anticipating big changes (like packing and moving said furniture).

Needing a haircut. Oof.

Taking advantage of working part-time (because that may soon change.) Afternoons at Panera, curling up on the couch with a good book--these are the things I'm soaking up while I can.

Drinking some insanely good loose-leaf tea. The creme brulee flavor is blowing my mind.

Wanting some fresh inspiration/motivation. I forced myself to write a thousand words a day last month (through journaling, blogging, letters, etc.) and it was so refreshing. I'm thinking it should just become a way of life instead of a month long challenge.

Craving an adventure.


  1. Ha! We play cards at the dinner table every night too. Our newest game of choice is cribbage (talk about an old persons game, lol). We also enjoy Speed and Three's.

  2. LOVE this! I also wrote on a globe...mine's a bit different, but yours is ADORABLE! love it:) and i'm loving farmers markets too...such fresh organic and local good, yum!

  3. Heather, I love the globe! Did you make it? What all does it say?

  4. I'm with Audrey, that globe is ADORABLE!

    And I loved reading this post of yours. I've been seeing everyone blogging about jogging so I definitely need to jump on that bandwagon. Although I'm pretty sure mine would by 90% walking and 10% jogging.

    And I can't wait for outdoor farmer's markets, too! Honey is so good when it's locally collected (or whatever you call it!). :)

  5. Whatever, playing cards is awesome! Love your photos.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. Hey, lady! Blog hopped over here! You're blog is so cute and gral, I love your style! Good stuff! And I love me some Pandora! Listen to it almost constantly at work! So many delicious options. :)

  7. a thousand words every day. YES.
    this is something that I would find very beneficial + heart-soothing.
    thank you for the inspiration! off I go :)


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