Wednesday, June 19, 2013

twenty-three best moments

One of my favorite pictures of us. [Insert your own caption.]

Today I am twenty-four. I like the sound of that; twenty-four seems like the perfect age. Just old enough that you start to seem like a real adult (well, most people do, anyway. I still look too young to be on a JV cheerleading squad.)

So while my husband treats me to a little Cheesecake Factory action, feel free to enjoy my twenty-three favorite moments of twenty-three (if, you know, you're on your lunch break and have nothing else to do.)

Twenty-Three Favorite Moments of Twenty-Three

1. Getting baptized in a pool at summer camp (by my husband! aww.)

2. Spending ten days by myself while Trevor was in Nicaragua. I've never lived alone, so it was fun to be independent for a while.

3. Being the matron of honor in my sister's wedding getting to do all the things she did for me a year before.

4. Launching my blog. It took a lot of planning and a lot of guts, but it was one of the best decisions I made this year.

5. Going to Atlanta for our friends' wedding. We heart Atlanta.

6. Getting to play with a DSLR camera my friend so graciously let me borrow. It was fun to play photographer and drag Trevor into multiple, multiple photo shoots.

7. Completing my first Project Life album. I bet you didn't know I was a scrapbook nerd, did you?

8. Dreaming with Trevor about the future over hundreds of cups of coffee.

9. Joining a Young Married Couples group at a church and getting to interact with cool folk our age.

10. Spending a few days with my baby sister when my parents were out of town. High school football games and hang-out time with her adorable boyfriend! So fun.

11. Celebrating our FIRST anniversary in a gorgeous B&B and having almost the entire mansion to ourselves (it was used in the filming of one of those post-apocolyptic shows on TV...what's it called? I don't know, the one where all the lights went off.)

12. Getting full bangs. May not have been the best decision, in retrospect, but I'm proud of myself for going for it.

13. Going to my first midnight showing at a movie theater.

14. Our cozy Christmas Eve brunch and movie marathon, just the two of us (complete with mimosas! yum.)

15. The many trips we took looking for our "next step" and place to move. We learned so much and became more of a team.

16. Learning to eat healthy and with intention.

17. Getting serious about writing and setting real, attainable goals.

18. Visiting Hope Chapel for the first time and knowing this was where we were meant to be.

19. Moving to Apex, NC and into the cutest apartment I ever did see.

20. Seeing my sister graduate from high school (*tear*...)

21. Time spent with good friends, old and new.

22. Going to the library several times a week and reading like a mad woman.

23. Falling more in love with my Savior.

It's going to be another beautiful year.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! You and Trevor need to stop being so cute in all these pictures! I can barely convince Jordan to take a selfie. I wish you another year of happiness full of cheesecake, coffee, and trying not to burn the kitchen down!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! what a happy day! :) You have accomplished so many amazing things and I know there are more to come. I hope this is the best year yet!

    Ps. that photo is adorable.

  3. Happy Birthday! This list is so lovely, and I hope you get many more years filled to the brim with even more loveliness!

  4. Happy birthday! It does sounds like you had such an amazing year! I pray that this year is even better and God uses you and works in you in amazing ways!!! :-)

  5. What a fun birthday idea! Too bad my birthday's already past or I would shamelessly have stolen this idea from you. ;)

  6. So many good things! My favorite? The last :) There is nothing like keeping Him your first love!

    I think you need a DSLR. You're photography on here is great and it would be wonderful for PL. I'll pray that you get/are able to find one soon :)

  7. Happy Birthday! 24 is a good place to be. :) I love your list.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favourite bloggers out there :).
    Heather, I hope this is just an absolute marvelous year for you... I have really enjoyed connecting with you and am really grateful you reached out to me in the first place. 23 sounds like it was full of many new adventures! Can't wait to see what 24 brings! :)


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