Friday, July 12, 2013

let's pretend we're chatting over tea

So, an update of sorts. The past few weeks have been steadily busy. Now that Trevor is full time at the church and I'm full time at my (albeit temporary) job, things have settled into something almost resembling a routine. For now. And I am so grateful for tiny moments away (like last Thursday morning) for chill time at our favorite coffee shop. (It's beach themed, swoon.)

Have you heard of the no-shampoo experiment girls all over the Internet seem to be doing lately? Well (sigh) I am now one of them. I am all about the natural crap these days (you're not going to believe this--I ran out bronzer and, feeling cheap, decided to try cinnamon instead. CINNAMON. And, guys, it works. It seems so so strange the first time you swipe it on your face, but you'll smell like a snickerdoodle cookie for the rest of the day. Just try it.) Anyway, so I am two weeks in on this no shampoo thing, and my hair looks like greased lightning. But if there is one thing I'm not, it's a quitter, so by golly I will see this through to the end. Probably.

I have made quite a dent in my summer reading list, most recently finishing Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis. (True story: one of my best friends from home reads my blog and sent this in the mail for my birthday--is that the sweetest thing ever or what?)

I also picked up The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy at the most adorable used bookstore downtown. I picked out a paperback version, but the store owner stopped me and pulled a fat hardcover off the back of the shelf and handed it to me slowly like it was a sacred treasure (which, one chapter in, it already is.) "Oh, no," she said. "This is a classic. You need the hardcover version." And she even gave me a discount on it. Have I mentioned I love this town?

Aside from the unbearable huidity, it has not felt like summer around these parts, what with the rain and clouds and all. But it's okay, most days. I'm back to being see-through pale, but it is nice to spend quiet afternoons with a cup of chai and my boyfriend (read: husband.)

Gahh, I'm talking about the weather. Okay, shutting up.

Have a happy weekend friends!

Note: For questions regarding the no-shampoo thing, I would recommend this post. Also, if you try cinnamon as a bronzer, be sure to use waaaay more than you would use with regular bronzer. It takes quite a bit, but once it's on it stays put for the rest of the day. See here for more information. Let me know if you like it (so I know I'm not the only crazy one.)


  1. i would have never thought to use cinnamon as a bronzer!
    Yay for making dents in books and going to used book stores & beach themed coffee shops...sounds like a lovely place to live!

  2. OMG! I LOVE Pat Conroy...Beach Music might be one of my most favorite books of ALL TIME! And cinnamon, eh? Keep me posted with that. Also, definitely keep me posted on the no 'poo method. I was all set to try it but am now hearing mixed things! I'd love your opinion!!! love Katie

  3. Oh, I haven't read THAT one from CS Lewis, but I do love his work. Also, super excited to look into the cinnamon thing. So cool!

  4. I am definitely going to have to try that bronzer idea! Thanks for linking it to the website, I am now officially obsessed :) I've been wanting to switch to natural makeup but it's so expensive. Maybe making my own will be a little cheaper. Happy Friday!

  5. I'd love to hear how your non-shampooing is going! I've thought about trying it, but I already only wash my hair every five or six days--I have almost no natural oil on my hair/scalp--so I thought going au natural might be overkill. I'm super interested to hear how it turns out though! The cinnamon idea is pure genius :)

    Also, how do you get SUCH cute pictures of you and your husband chillaxing at coffee shops? Jacob hardly stands still long enough for me to snatch a picture with him a couple times a year . . . I'm jealous.

  6. I need to read some C.S. Lewis. I think it's neat that you use cinnamon for bronzer, I've never tried that (I'm brown all year long, a perk of being mixed) but it sure sounds like it smells good! You are darling, love that photo.

  7. I've been thinking about doing the no 'poo thing too. I just REALLY don't want greasy hair while I start it. It's so lame that there are so many chemicals in all beauty products. I really want to go all natural as much as possible.

  8. Your posts always draw me in and leave me in eager anticipation for the next one :). I absolutely love the picture above! I can imagine one similar to it 60 years down the road with you all in a coffee shop on a couch just like this. It brings a smile to my face.

  9. I never wash my hair anyways :) haha. but when I do shower (once or twice a week) I use it. is that okay? meh, it is organic so it can't be that bad! lol.

  10. The bronzer idea sounds cool I will have to share it with some of my natural pals. Have you tried natural deodorants yet? Try milk of magnesia it works like a charm.

    The Word of A Nerd

  11. this weather, right?? it hasn't been summer in the south at all. a friend told me the other day that i needed to get out in the sun more and i just looked at them like "do you realize how much rain we've been having? ain't nobody got time for the sun!"

    i'm going to have to try that cinnamon trick!

  12. It's been months since you posted about this, but are you still doing the no shampoo thing? Your post inspired me to try it. I started in October, and I'm still not using it. Some days, I love it, and some days, I'm like why am I doing this... I've tried the baking soda/vinegar, just water, and egg yolk/honey. Are you using shampoo these days? What's working for you?


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