Sunday, December 1, 2013

so, hey

This was my very first week working at Anthropologie and... LOVED it, even the eight hours of Black Friday madness. Wearing red lipstick helped. For sure. 

So, our tree is up and very pathetic. It's all apparently very nature-y themed which is, I mean, okay. But also not. *Sigh* What can you do? Looks like I'll be throwing together some handmade ornaments to help the poor thing along. Needless to say, there will probably not be any blogger-esque tree pictures posted this year.

Anyway. Just awkwardly popping in to say hello, happy December, etc. and also that I am (crossing my fingers) going to try to groove my way into a somewhat regular blogging schedule by the new year. 

I figured if I put it out on the Internet, I might actually stick to it. 

P.S. Posting after, well, not posting totally feels like an awkward run-in at the grocery store with someone from high school. So, sorry for the weirdness, and let's be real friends again. Thanks.


  1. LOL, at the awkward high school analogy. Seriously though anthropologie sounds like a wonderfully inspiring place to work. I have a friend that works at anthropologie her wardrobe and home are so beautiful. Anthro is easily one of my favorite stores though my wallet doesn't love it. Welcome back to blog land looking forward to hearing updates from you.

  2. I am so curious to hear how working at Anthro is. I imagine it might be stressful? I only know a handful of people that worked there... I like shopping there, but only sometimes. Know what I mean?

    I'm positive your tree is really cute.

  3. You're adorable! I'm so glad you're enjoying your job! :-)

  4. yay so glad you are loving anthro! girl, no matter how long it's been, please pop in and say hi :) i promise it's not as awkward as you think! you are definitely missed when you're away :)


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