Tuesday, December 3, 2013

things i find in old books

Perhaps when this speed of an overstimulated age has subsided, we shall get back to the calm, reflective pleasures of the well-poised spirit. We shall tarry again over a long description, feeling no hurry to have done with it. The cultivated mind learns that it cannot afford to risk its literary appetite for the stimulation of the moment. 

- High School Writing Textbook, 1927

Maybe it's not too late?


  1. How sweet! I love finding sweet momentos around my home or in old things.

  2. how beautiful…I love old rhetoric and books:) such a simple and lovely thing!

  3. I love this and I love your blog. I'm so glad I found it :)

  4. Lovely! I've found a few things in old books. A lily of the valley, a lock of hair, an envelope, and even a tuft of grey fur between the pages of Robbie Burns' poem "To a Mouse".


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