Friday, January 10, 2014

Project Life Week 1

And week one is complete!

I still haven't quite finished my title page, but I'll be posting that soon, too, if I can ever figure out what to do with it.

(side note: Sorry about the picture quality, I'm still trying to figure all this lighting/editing nonsense out.)

Left Side

Right Side

*we had a homemade pretzel night, hence the pretzel. FYI.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this week's layout. The little doily is actually the backside of a gold doily, which will be making an appearance on the title page. The rest is Midnight Edition with an Elise Blaha Cripe quote card thrown in (I have a feeling that, even though this'll be my third year of using them in my PL books, they're still going to make several appearances. They're just that cool.)

I'm currently obsessed with cropping photos in a circle shape (I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to do this, but the simplest for me is the A Beautiful Mess app.)

I'm not wild about the two pictures on the bottom right - they're both poor quality and, frankly, aren't that pretty. But it was really important to me to have pictures of Trevor's and my respective work places - I like to use week one to document an overview of what are lives are like right now (see "currently" card, also made with A Beautiful Mess.) And sometimes it's more important to me to have a memory captured than to have everything look pretty and perfect. I have a feeling that in ten years, that's what I'll appreciate most about this project anyway.

So there it is! Looking forward to moving on into week two and hopefully soon getting my Sunshine Edition in the mail - Christmas all over again!


  1. completely love your clean, modern, open style - in your PL and your blog in general:)

  2. i love that you included work places too! being a place one spends so much time, it really does make up a part of people :) it's coming out lovely so far!

  3. This project seems to really reflect you! And I especially love the "Currently" list, that might be the most fun to look back at in a few years!

  4. So pretty! I think it's great you added your work places in, even if the photos aren't the best. I love how clean and simple your pages are! Fiona

  5. Just discovered your amazing blog :) you'll definitely appreciate the 'in the moment' pics as much, if not more so than just the pretty ones in the future. Imperfection is a wonderful thing.

  6. Holy moly girl. Every time I see this on IG or your blog I am dyyyyying to do this but fear it's too time consuming to print everything out. Maybe that's just me? Anyway, totally loving all your pages -- serves as so much design inspiration for me as well as, well, it's just pretty to look at. :)

  7. This is lovely!! yay for pretzel!

  8. i love how simple your pages are, so lovely

  9. Were did the currently card come from?


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