Wednesday, March 5, 2014

march goals


So this is a few days late, but I wanted to share my goals for March (if for no other reason than to keep myself accountable.) There's nothing major I'm trying to tackle here, but it always feels so good to stay on top of things. Being one step ahead of the game (even if it's your own game) frees you up to move forward, to explore new opportunities, and clear your head if nothing else.

1. Focus on discipleship

I could devote an entire blog series to this, but God has all but shouted at me that I need to focus on discipleship in this season. I've been putting discipleship off, thinking it was something I would do when I was older and wiser, or when I had more street cred as a pastor's wife (whatever that means.) But, you know, there really isn't any time to wait around. When I stop and look, there are so many people around me right now who need encouragement and truth spoken over their lives, whether I feel qualified or not.

So right now I'm reading book after book about discipleship. I'm learning to study my Bible, not just read it to feel warm an fuzzy, so that I can have a better grasp of what it's saying and then share that truth with others. I'm learning to be obedient and say yes to God's prompting when I'd rather sit on my couch and read novels and eat an entire bag of Target trail mix. I'm wanting to take this thing even deeper in March.

2. Learn a song on my ukulele. (On a lighter note.)

Moon River, perhaps? I've had that thing way too long to not know how to play it.

3. Get home to see my family for a weekend.

Trevor has crazy hours, I'm usually working on Saturdays, and it's hard to work out everyone's schedules to actually make it home. But then months fly by and we still haven't really seen each other and, well, when we're only two hours away that's just sad. Making that happen this month.

4. Continue to purge/organize closet.

I already cleared out a good chunk of old clothes at the beginning of the year and my closet is finally down to only things I actually wear, but it's still a bit of a mess. It needs some major organization.

Ready to make it happen. And perhaps by the time March is over I'll be in T-shirts and flip-flops and not slipping on ice in front of the entire neighborhood? One can dream.


  1. ditto on number one. <3 what book are you reading?

  2. Um…PLEASE post a video of you on your ukelele! That would be amazing:) Love that goal!! xoxo Katie

  3. I wish was musical enough to pick up a ukelele. I will leave the instrument playing to my husband. I'm dreaming of a warm March as well!

  4. I play the uke too! Once you pick up a few chords, learning new songs is easy. I use this website a lot! ( I just downloaded a uke chord chart and played away. :)

  5. Instruments In The Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp is an AMAZING book for discipleship. It's focus is on relational conflict/resolution and counseling sin struggles. It completely changed the way I approached relational ministry. It's filled to the brim with truth!

  6. Ugh, the dreaded closet purge keeps getting pushed to the back burmer for me....maybe next month :) Love your goal to focus on discipleship--it's one of my passions but have found it more difficult to be involved with after graduating college. What book are you reading?

  7. I love your goals. I'd love to sit in a coffee shop and just chat about discipleship and how it's going. It's funny how I can think of it similarly - someday I'll get to that, when I'm older and wiser and more prepared. Yet Jesus didn't say "go into the world and make disciples when you're old and ready", so why do I add that on? Hm. Thoughts thoughts thought. We should facetime sometime Heather! xo!

  8. I really like how these goals cover different areas of life. I just found your blog and Instagram over the weekend am excited to read more :)

  9. we live two hours away from "home" too and it gets hard to see family and old friends. we do make time for it, roughly once a month, but i'm feeling that it's a shame that our friends from over there don't come and visit us more often. what is it that "they" always say, time is a fleeting thing.

  10. Amen to discipleship! Have you read One Conversation at a Time? It's a great, practical book about viewing discipleship as something that happens one conversation at a time. We used to use it with the college ministry I worked for and students loved it and found it really easy to connect with. Just thought id pass that along. :)

  11. You have a ukelele? While I won't join you in that goal, as I have no musical talent whatsoever, I admire your drive to learn it. I too decided this spring to embark on a new path in my biblical studies, joining a small group and a Bible study at my church, despite still feeling like the shy, new person. Already, I'm feeling much more filled and blessed as I listen to the wisdom of other women share their insights on the scriptures we're reading.

  12. 1. I *adore* the style of your blog.
    2. Closet purging?! Heck yes! I hear you!
    3. My blog is called "Our Yellow Door". Seeing as we both have an affinity for the color yellow, I think we should be friends.
    4. I hope you get to spend time with your family! Time with the folks is always precious :)

  13. I’m on a producing team for the Katie Couric Talk Show in NYC. I’m reaching out to you because in 2 weeks, we are producing a segment on virginity and waiting until marriage to have sex. I see that you are happily married and with children, but I would love to get your input on your experience with sex now that you are married.

    Would this be something that you think you’d be interested in talking about? If so, I’d love to chat with you about more details. My email is


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