Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hey, Beach

My sister and brother-in-law were visiting us not so long ago when they mentioned that they had taken off a weekend in May to go camping at the Outer Banks. "Wait, which weekend?!" Turned out that we had both taken the exact same weekend off to go to the exact same place. Don't you just love when things that like happen? Like God is throwing daisies at you or something. (Bear with me, I haven't finished my coffee yet.)

There was a lot of rain the first day, the kind that comes down sideways, so hard and fast that you can't see. I think it's a rule of nature that it simply must rain on the first day of a camping trip. Ah, well. Kind of made it more fun, actually. Lots of running on beaches and sailing and fires on the beach under a moonless sky. Driving up and down the islands, past the salt water taffy colored houses and making plans to move there by this time next year. Another rule of vacations, for us, anyway. Missed ferries, dolphins, hot dogs over a fire, a surfer dude named Scooter who taught us how to sail. It was perfect.

I think sometimes all I really need is to throw some shorts in a duffel, squeeze into a car filled with my favorite people, and drive till we hit the sand.

*Photos taken with a very old, very sad point-and-shoot. But happy news - for the first time in my life, I am the owner of a real, live DSLR and will be sure to bombard you with photos as I'm learning to use it. (Eek!)

**Actually, a lot of my photos on this blog have been taken with a DSLR, but I did not own the camera, just to clear up any confusion. I take pictures for our church sometimes and have been learning photography on their camera, which has been amazing. Aaand now I'm rambling.


  1. Sounds like the best kind of trip Heather! I love when you can escape and just roll with whatever happens!

  2. They are beautiful photos regardless. I don't know why all the bloggers are obsessed with getting a dslr. I mean more power to you if you can afford it but no need for you to apologize for "regular" pictures. I too have dreamed about owning a dslr and then all my pictures would look professional and my blog would be amazing but something tell me it's a lot of work. You'll have to let me know hownto is once you start playing with it though!

  3. Margo @ Legacy of a Single GirlMay 22, 2014 at 11:16 PM

    Hi Heather, I'm stopping in via the (in)courage writers group we are both a part of…I liked the name of your blog and wanted to check it out!! I just recently purchased a used Canon EOS 20D off of craigslist (selling other items in order to do so!) and have started photographing again. I did it years ago, and I think when my good camera got stolen I just quit…though I don't know why. I love seeing the world through the lens! And I had a little point and shoot for a while…it worked wonders!

  4. And... ramble on! I love it :)

    The beach looks gorgeous. Someone asked me in church the other day what fun thing I hope there is in heaven. I said "the beach." Didn't realize I liked it *that* much.


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