Tuesday, June 3, 2014

thoughts from the porch


Indigo blue sky, eerie and cool after a warm day in the sun. I want only to sip orange juice on my couch, bare armed and bare legged, watching the world stand perfectly still outside my window. There's a concert at church tonight, dinner to make, clothes to fold. What is it about spring that makes the daily things not just livable, but exciting?

* * *

I was sitting out here in the cool, almost mountain-like air, in the weirdness of this night. Quiet, waiting for God to come, maybe talk to me. I know that these moments are so very real, but I also wonder if he really is here, talking to me. Because all I hear is rustling leaves and the neighbor sneezing from the other side of the pond and the occasional dog bark.

And then I read, "Hallelujah! You who serve God, praise God! Just to speak his name is praise! Just to remember God is a blessing - now and tomorrow and always." (Psalm 113:1-2, The Message.)


* * *

On the porch. The air is thick with jasmine and honeysuckle, and so hot. I love this porch, especially when the leaves are full and new and the branches seem almost heavy with life. Sometimes I sit here and almost feel out of place - as if I'm already in an old, favorite memory; dreamy and surreal. Remember when I was young, when I used to sit out on the porch of that cute little apartment? When I read the Bible for the first time, really read it, when I learned what it meant to make art? When Trevor and I could make a whole date out of pouring coffee and sitting next to each other? Weren't those the days? 

These are the days.


  1. Your last paragraph is a dream. Perfect. Love it so much.

  2. You're also really inspiring me to read the Bible cover to cover. I started once and got a little discouraged by parts of the Old Testament, but the depth you're finding in the Bible is amazing. I think I'll try it once we've moved and are settled.

  3. In regards to your first paragraph, right on! Even cleaning the house and doing all kinds of chores can actually be fun when it's nice out. I think it's because I open all the windows and enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine.

  4. Love this. These are the days - so good

  5. Love it. Your photos are so pretty Heather!


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