Monday, September 1, 2014

the brewer family

I had the privilege of taking pictures last week for the oh-so-adorable Brewer family. It was such a fun, breezy shoot that was, I'm sure, made so much easier by their genuine interactions with each other. I don't think I prompted them once, they just moved from doing one cute thing to the next. Also, how precious is baby Liam? Gah, those eyes! Those teeth! 

I have so far to go, but I'm falling hard for this photography thing.


  1. oh what amazing photos! So bad you're living so far away from you otherwise I'd have booked you right away ;)

  2. love love love!
    do you mind if i ask what lens you used?

  3. Heather!!! You are seriously SO GOOD!!! Wow! I'm pretty sure photography is your thing!

  4. These are beyond lovely, Heather! They have a nearly film quality to them... perfect job! I'm sure the Brewers loved these.

  5. You have skills girl =) These are stunning! Do you mind me asking what camera you use?


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