Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Letter

A little over a year ago, I was preparing to get married (read: stressing over rose petals and whether or not I was even ready to get married in the first place). I was kind of a wreck. It was the most stressful time in my life; not so much the wedding planning (though that was a doozy), but rather dealing with all of my fears. What if I turned out to be a horrible wife? What if I never learned how to cook?

Now that I'm "on the other side" I have so much to say to that panicky bride-to-be. I wish I could go back in time and hand myself a strong drink and this letter.

Dear Bridezilla Heather,

Let me begin by saying that this time of craziness and planning will be soon be a memory. Tablecloths and flowers will no longer plague your every waking thought. Before you know it you'll be a married woman and your biggest decision will be what color to paint the bedroom.

Sometimes you get so overwhelmed you wonder if this is even the right decision. Marriage seems so HUGE, so eternal. And you weren't exactly voted cleanest roommate in college, so you wonder how the heck you're going to be a decent housewife.

You're weird about "signs"; I know. But trust me, none of this is a sign that you should put the marriage thing on hold. It's nothing more than a result of good old-fashioned overthinking. You have good instincts; trust them. And trust that God will be with you every moment.

Don't worry about the future. I know--you think you're destined to be a boring little preacher's wife at some backwoods church for the rest of your life. But God will give you and Trevor big dreams, regardless of where you're at. Learn as much as you can during this time. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is once you accept that this is where God's called you to be for this season.

Being married is even more fulfilling and exciting than you ever imagined. So don't you dare listen to a single negative comment about how you're too young to get married and you're throwing your life away. I mean, honestly. Those people clearly don't know that you're a virgin.

Marriage is so comfy. It's natural. You'll see what I mean.

Plus you get to hang out with a hot guy all the time. Major bonus right there.

That's not to say that marriage doesn't teach you lessons that you'll have to learn the hard way. You're about to learn how selfish and prideful you really are. But you're going to grow so much and become a better person for it.

You're wedding day will be perfect. There. Now you can stop stressing about it, sheesh.

Now go hug Mom and Dad for everything they're doing for you and get some sleep.


Mrs. Burris

P.S. Um, do you seriously think that boob tape from Target is going to work? Might want to rethink that one. Thanks.

And stop wearing so much eyeliner, geez.


  1. So excited you found my blog, so now I can check yours out! Obviously, LOVE the title of your page ;) so cute. Excited to follow along and get to know you! :)

  2. LOVE this! =) haha so glad to have found your blog today girl! =)
    I really wish I could have written a letter to myself while wedding planning too ;)
    Much Love,

  3. This is adorable! Not even married, no boyfriend, but this is wonderful :-) Happy anniversary!

  4. Thank you. I love hearing you married girls talk like that. It helps when the wedding gets stressful to remember what's important. Also, the picture is adorable.

  5. Beautiful :)

  6. awww Heather! you have such a sweet spirit! i think all of us "wives" needed a letter like this before the big day! so interesting to think about what i would tell myself now. good thoughts, girl!!! and thanks for stopping by The Lily Field!!! XO

  7. I love this! There were quite a few things that I would tell myself if I could go back!!

  8. Haha, thanks... I totally needed this today. I'm the panicked bride!! Ahhh!

  9. Aw...this is a neat idea. Love it! "Boob tape"..hehehe!

  10. New follower thanks to my good friend Tori Granados. In love with every aspect of your writing =)

  11. oh my goodness. i love this! i feel like i could have wrote this as well. i always tell people that the nine months i planned my wedding was the most stressful in my life, and like you said, it's not so much the planning but what's going on. it's a HUGE season of your life. one that i'm not sure anyone can fully prepare for. thanks for sharing this :)


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