Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Awkward moments define my life. It's like a gift. Some people sing, some tap dance. I produce awkward/embarassing situations. Here are some recent favorites.

1. When people ask if I want cream in my coffee, for some unfortunate reason, my first instinct is to say, "No, thanks. I'm a black person." I *usually* stop myself before actually saying this.

2. Finding a hideous shade of lipstick in my drawer and throwing it away, only to realize that I wore it on my wedding day.

3. At a rehearsal dinner recenly, in line for food:

Me: Is that sushi?
Guy in front of me: Those are stuffed mushrooms.

I'm real cultured, y'all.

4. My Panera date with my sister, Christy. We were standing in line when a little girl looked at us and asked her mom why we looked like twins. My sister and I, quite amused and charmed by the little girl, explained that we were sisters. "Sisters?!" she said. "But you look like old ladies!"

Thanks, kid.

5. Walking into Starbucks and seeing another redhead wearing the exact same dress as me. Normally, I would make a big deal out of the situation and be all, "Oh my goshhhh! This is amazing! Let's be friends!" But she didn't seem as amused by the situation.


  1. AHAHAHA I'm dying over the "I'm a black person."

    Sounds like something I would say without even realizing it. Me and my stupid mouth...


    1. Haha, tell me about it! I always find myself saying something way inappropriate :)

  2. This whole list made me giggle!
    "Me: Is that sushi?
    Guy in front of me: Those are stuffed mushrooms. "


  3. Just yesterday a girl said the 'I'm a black girl' comment and I had an internal giggle:) Your to funny.
    Haha I love the girl matching you too! That cracked me up... one time I bought a maternity dress (even though I wasn't preggo) and wore it to a wedding. another lady in her 50's had it on... and then a little 12 year old girl had it one... it was awkward.
    Stay beautiful and fun!


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