Wednesday, January 16, 2013

favorite married dates

This is not a Gap ad. We just like our colored jeans (apparently). Also note: our faces, or lack thereof. Was I trying to be artistic? Or was I just having a bad hair day? I'll leave that to your imagination.

- Camping in the backyard. We wanted to try out the camping gear we got for our wedding, so we pitched the tent in the backyard one night. We brought our laptop out and watched much fun!

- Going sailing in Florida. Maybe this doesn't count since we were on vacation, but one of our favorite days together was when we rented a little hobie-cat (a baby sailboat). Neither of us knew how to sail, so it was fun to try something new together. Even if we did come back sunburnt.

- Monday morning breakfast dates. Monday is our day off, and one of our favorite things to do on our lazy day is to go to Panera for breakfast. Sometimes we bring a book that we're both reading and read it together while drinking multiple cups of Hazelnut coffee. Cozy and cute.

- Our dorky photo shoots. Bless Trevor's heart. I love taking pictures even though my camera is basically a dinosaur and, since we have no pets or children, he is my go-to subject. But we always have a lot of fun, scouting out cool places to take pictures. Our Christmas pictures were taken on such an outing:

I wasn't kidding about looking twelve years old.

Since I have no tripod, they were all taken with self-timer on top of a laundry basket. It's more fun doing things the ghetto way.

- Having a sleepover in the living room. Air mattress + movie + card games = best at-home date ever.

- Going to a midnight movie. In our PJs!

- Touring a vineyard. Wine. Pretty scenery. Photo ops. It's a good time. I would recommend not going on a rainy day, however.

- Weddings. Other people's weddings are the bomb. People still say "the bomb", right? Thought so. You don't have to plan anything, you don't have to stress, you just show up and party. It's a free date night, and it's already all romantic and stuff. Win.

- The Farmer's Market. When we went for the first time, I kind of made a scene. "Oh my gosh, LOOK AT THE BABY SQUASH." Vegetables are just so much cuter at the farmer's market. If you have never been, trust me, it will change your life forever.

What are some of your favorite date ideas?


  1. Love this! I'm doing a post like this next week! =)

  2. I just love this. I've done a post about my favorite date nights and this is so cute!! :) I agree, self timer pictures on top of some laundry basket is way more self gratifying when the shot turns out :)

    Love your curly hair!

  3. Just a date night period would be nice at this point!

  4. I love all these photos!! I don't have a tripod either so I always prop my camera on anything stable!! haha! :)
    Camping in the backyard sounds like such fun!!

  5. Love these! We get stuck in date ruts and need some fresh ideas!

  6. I miss creative dates like this- not that we had that many, totally take advantage of this time before kids!


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