Friday, February 8, 2013

around here

Around here, Trevor and I are doing some last minute scrambling to prepare for our trip to Georgia this weekend. (Don't you just love to say that name out loud, Georgia? I love how it sticks to your teeth like peanut butter. I think I'll tuck it away in my list of Weird Old Lady Names to Give My Children.)

We are journeying even further South to investigate a potential ministry opportunity. It's an idea we've been flirting with for a while now, and are finally taking that step to see just what might happen. More details to come, provided it all works out. Either way, we are darn tickled about moving forward and scoping out new places and opportunties. I know God will show up.

So while I'm perfecting my Georgia peach accent fiddle-dee-dee here are some of my favorite posts from this week for you to check out...

Fashion Sketching for Beginners  by A Beautiful Mess
Committed to Write by Visible Musings
Time With the Lord by Heather Boersma

Happy Friday! xoxo


  1. I think I just said Georgia out loud at least five times. :)
    And that is SO exciting!

  2. I know we chatted about a GA meetup in the influence thread but since you are coming down, if you are going to be near me and if you have time, want to meet up for coffee?! Email me!

  3. I had to test the georgia thing, I don't think it does quite the same thing in this Cali natives mouth lol but I wish it did.

    How exciting for new opportunities, we are so nervous about venturing out from the safety net of our small church and the hubs' music ministry & other full-time job.

  4. LOVE those mugs! I want one in every color.
    I've always wanted to visit the south!


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