Monday, February 11, 2013

things I'm learning...

I know, again with the tea. And yes, those are pajamas.

Life is confusing. We think we need to know how to get from point A to point B but, like my husband said, sometimes God leads us on a treasure map. We're wandering along, picking up little gems along the way, learning more about God and ourselves than we ever would have otherwise. It's beautiful and messy, as life always is. This journey is hopeful and heartbreaking, a whirlwind of emotions. And it's good. 

Sometimes, when you're at the lowest point, all you can do is meet up with old friends and laugh for hours over cannoli and pizza, which turns out to be the most holy mix of cheese and sauce you've ever experienced. And slowly your hope is restored. 

I'm learning to be prepared for any and every situation when I travel. Just in case someone suggests you  all go mountain climbing and you're wearing cheetah print flats and a silk top. 

I'm learning that God really does answer prayer. Like when we found out that the road to said mountain was blocked. 

I'm learning that it's always wise to read an etiquette book before staying in someone's home; that manners are just as important as everyone says. And that breakfast with strangers in their house makes them instant friends, epsecially if they've seen you with wet hair and no makeup. 

I'm learning that we may not see purpose in every situation, but we can be sure that God is trying to teach us something. Or a lot of somethings. Trevor and I were driving, exhausted and confused, when he looked over at me and said, "We keep getting our hopes up and they keep crashing down. But...isn't it fun?" And I had to laugh, because as confusing as it can be, it really is fun. And it's even more fun when you have that partner, that best friend, on the same crazy journey with you. 


  1. love this a lot. This weekend at church the message was similar to this. God takes us on a journey although we just want to get from point a to b as quickly as possible. Throughout it all though, we need to slow down and pick up those treasures He's giving us although it may not look like a treasure right then and there. Love your heart. such an inspiring post.

  2. This is so sweet. I'm so glad you have your partner through this crazy wonderful life. And you're right, God teaches lessons through everyyything. It's just a matter of searching enough to find them :)

  3. Love this photo and this post. Happy Valentine's week! Xoxo, M&K @ BT

  4. Love this post. I might have to do one of these posts too soon. I will definitely give you credit when i do! ;)

  5. I just found your blog and this post so resonates with me :) Beautiful and wise words about the crazy, wonderful, and confusing journey that He has chosen for us. Thank you friend! I needed this today!

  6. yes! Bruce & I always say that! As long as we have each other, we'll be fine and life will be an adventure!


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