Monday, February 18, 2013

If You Become a Youth Pastor's Wife...

If You Become a Youth Pastor's Wife...

Teenage boys will randomly show up at your house without warning, and I can guarnatee that they will need to use your bathroom. You will have to learn the hard way to never again leave your lacy pink underwear on the bathroom floor.

Occasionally, a date with your husband will be interrupted by
       a) a phone call from someone needing help with their boyfriend/girlfriend drama problems. Or

       b) one of the kids calling and saying that they're really lonely and really, really want to hang out, and your romantic picnic in the park turns into you and your spouse sharing a blanket by the lake with another dude.

If you are a newlywed, at some point one of the youth kids will be in your home, on your couch, and they will suddenly leap up and demand to know whether you've done it on said couch.

I'm sorry.

You will be invited to more birthday parties than you were all of your years in elementary and middle school combined. It will become a fun game to guess exactly what food will be served at each party. "Barbeque potato chips and store bought cupcakes! I win again!"

You will have to invest in a one-piece bathing suit. Even if you have an abnormally long torso and haven't been able to fit into one since you were eight.

When out with the youth group, strangers will always assume you are an adolescent and part of the youth group. Just another reason to wait a while before getting pregnant.

You will be exposed to more punk rock Christian bands than you ever knew existed.

You try to inspire them and hopefully teach them something, but you always end up learning so much more from them. And they'll kind of steal your heart a little bit.


  1. Haha! So true! We don't live in the same town as our church because Lee's in seminary, but I can relate to some of these. Buying a one piece swimsuit was the worst because those things can get expensive. When you're very "blessed," you can't just buy a swimsuit from Target. I always feel like I'm a teenager myself. I don't feel like an adult.

  2. This is so cute. I just love it. I cannot believe they saw your lacy pink panties on the floor... HA! Cracked me up. You inspire those kiddo's ya know ;)

  3. :) This is so cute. Not gonna lie, you make me want to marry a youth pastor.

  4. LOL! How awkward to find out that they saw your pink panties! Ha! I also have a hard time finding a one-piece to wear to church pool parties. I found my best bet is to get a tankini where the top is long. But then I'm short, so many are long on me! ;-)

  5. Heather, I just love your blog! Thank you for always being so transparent and open about your experiences. It's so refreshing!

  6. this kind of sounds magical! My husband and I were camp counselors where we had the kids all summer long (11 weeks) there were like 35 of them all in high school and our summers used to feel that way. they do steal your heart don't they?!?

  7. Its part of being the wife of a Servant for God!

  8. Haha! These made me laugh. My dad has been a youth pastor for almost 20 years, things are different for the kids of youth pastors too!

  9. these were so spot on...hilarious.
    I've been a youth pastor...and oh my goodness these happen (minus the doing it, i'm not married bahah but they still ask at other peoples houses). :)


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