Monday, April 1, 2013


March is finally, finally over, and that means that we are a quarter of the way into 2013.

I'm sure, like me, many of you were eager to peruse Target for a crisp new planner and fill it with lofty goals and dreams for the upcoming year. I used the first chunk of my journal to write out a lengthy plan of action, complete with quarterly and monthly goals. I thought I'd go back and review them and the first quarter and, to my surprise, all that planning kinda worked.

My "word" for the year is intentional. I chose it because I wanted to be conscious of how I spent my time. I wanted to be actively pursuing the things God's called me to instead of just hoping they happen. And as melodramatic as it sounds, that one little word has been the subconscious driving force behind the choices I've made these past three months.

I haven't accomplished anything big, but I've been more active in chasing my dreams than I've ever been before. It makes me feel good. The goal-planning and list-making wasn't just some cute thing I did one afternoon, it's become something I'm serious about following through with.

Instead of thinking, "Three months into the year...gosh, where'd the time go?" I'm like, "Huh. I've actually gotten some things accomplished." I have the sense that I'm not wandering through this year aimlessly; I have a sense of purpose and direction. It's very freeing.

So, what about you? Have you been keeping up with your resolutions and goals for 2013, or are you scratching your head wondering what the heck they even were? Even if you've been a little slack, grab a journal and planner and treat yourself to a drink at your favorite cafe. Sketch out what you'd like to work on or finish, whether that's in a job, relationship, or hobby. Figure out how you can get closer to that one thing you've been dreaming about. It'll change your year!


  1. Love this, girl. Good on you for sticking to your goals; it's a hard thing to do. And what great goals you have! Whether it be our job, relationships, habits, or health, we all could use a little more authenticity in our attempts, and being intentional does just that--it makes us conscious.

    I had 3 resolutions this year: write more, promote health, and be love. i think i'm doing great with writing and letting God's love shine through me, but i've definitely been slacking on the health thing. i haven't exercised much, and my eating habits aren't great--probably because our dining hall stinks haha! only 3 weeks though until i can focus on changing this :)

    inspiring post, dear!

    grace & love,

  2. I like your word. I don't know if you know of Ali Edwards but she does an amazing "one little word" series. You should check it out.


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