Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a day in the life

Four-thirty and I am into my warm apartment, heels off, crackers and hummus spread on the coffee table as I decide how I want to spend my evening. The sun is out and bright, even through the trees, and I have all the time in the world. I stab sweet potatoes with a fork, wrap them in aluminum foil, and toss them in the oven, hopeful that they'll be finished by the time Trevor comes home.

I pick up baseball caps and mascara tubes off the floor and shuffle wrinkled pajamas back into the closet. I unload the dishwasher and sweep as Benny Goodman plays in the background. Is big band and swing music too much for this peaceful afternoon? I don't care.

Apartment is clean-ish. Success! I feel all wifely inside.

I sit down to my laptop in the bright, appropriately named Yellow Room (aka the guest room that I have taken over with all things yellow.) I flip it open and poise my hands over the keys. A scratch of another key, Trevor's, against the latch, and the door creaks open. I frown a little at the screen. But he comes in, wearing that grey shirt I like and I hop into his arms and give him a kiss or two or ten.

He asks me about my first day at work, eyes eager and smiling. I recount the cubicles and the communal coffee pot and the quarter jar beside it, the one I didn't notice until after pouring a cup. What else? Scanning, staring. Sunlight during lunch. He tells me about his day; meetings and vision and leadership. We eat sweet potatoes, not quite done. We kiss and he's gone; band practice.*

I sigh, suddenly tired. What was I doing? Writing. For the blog. I sit back down and strike at the keys, mind distracted. The words fall flat. I'll try again tomorrow.

*Long story short: the bridal shop job did not end up working out.  I know.  Still super bummed, but I was offered an office job at a college nearby and, though not as exciting as working with brides and dresses, I am beyond grateful for it.

Linking up with Jenni at Story of My Life for her May blogging series. Have you been following along with her daily prompts?


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and will excel in this new job! AND you get home by 4:30!!!

  2. Great photo and I love those same shoes. They go with so many things!

    Hehe- love your post!

    Have a blessed rest of your week, friend!!

  3. I love this. Do you do these kinds of posts often?

  4. I just caught up on your blog, and I didn't realize how far back I read :) I can relate to your transition into your new place and new city and basically... new life! We've been in Houston for a week now; it still feels like a vacation of sorts. When does it start to feel real? Perhaps when work begins...

    so... I have 2 favorite blogs, and yours is one of them! you are an incredible writer and it's so refreshing to read.


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