Tuesday, May 21, 2013

to the writer

The best inspiration.

"What people don't realize is that writing is physical. It doesn't have to do with thought alone. It has to do with sight, smell, taste, feeling, with everything being alive and activated. The rule for writing practice of 'keep your hand moving' not stopping, actually is a way to physically break through your mental resistance...You are physically engaged with the pen, and your hand, connected to your arm, is pouring out the record of your senses."

Natalie Goldberg
Writing Down the Bones

Just for fun, try stepping away from you computer and write in a notebook or on looseleaf paper. It's slower than typing, but doing it the "old fashioned" way makes me feel more connected to whatever it is I'm writing. Sitting in a coffee shop, huddled over my favorite fat yellow notebook and penning out whatever thoughts come in my familiar, tiny handwriting...this makes the act of writing itself an inspiration.

I like to write on paper first, scrawling and random, and then write the final draft on my laptop. It's a way of tricking my mind into realizing that the fat yellow notebook = playtime and the laptop = getting down to business. Try it this week and see if it gives you a little more freedom.

What are your favorite writing tricks?


  1. I LOVE writing on paper. Honestly, as efficient as typing is, there is something about pen or pencil to paper that makes me a bit swooney. I love pretty pens and nice notebooks. My journal is still paper and I still take notes on Sundays in a notebook. I always feel more creative and connected this way!
    Hate we never got to meet up, but super excited you're loving where you are!

  2. I still love writing on paper with pen. Makes me feel more connected to my words somehow.

    And I definitely miss writing in coffee shops :(

  3. Oooo I will definitely have to do the pen and paper thing! I like to jot down my post ideas that way so I wont forget. But I need to write that way on occasion. I believe you, that it allows you to get more connected to your words, thoughts, and feelings. Awesome!


  4. I love this quote. mmmmm so good. Sometimes I write better with just the right kind of music playing....sometimes it's something to eat or drink.


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