Wednesday, June 5, 2013

loving lately

Bare legs and sundresses.

Natural beauty regimens (baking soda instead of shampoo, honey instead of face wash).

Coffee dates with new friends.

Farmers market and pool dates with my favorite boyfriend.

Feeling content and knowing that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

Planning our first dinner party since moving here (as in, I'm doing the planning and Trevor is doing the cooking. I don't want to be responsible for giving anyone food poisoning this early in the game.)

 Going for nighttime jogs which turn into spontaneous dance-walking like I'm in some unfortunate 80's video. As far as I know, only one person has caught me (but I've noticed people seem to do a lot of drugs in this complex, so maybe it's nothing they haven't seen before?)

How do normal people manage to listen to music as they run and not burst into their favorite Zumba routine? Have I watched too many musicals and somehow deemed this appropriate behavior? Please help.

Slowly meeting more people and getting involved at our new church. (I'm helping out with VBS this summer aka free birth control).

Getting into a writing rhythm (ooh, how'd you like that alliteration?) Between fiction and articles and journaling and blogging, I'm staying busy. Coffee and Anne Lamott help. Also, dance-walking.



  1. I'm thinking about using honey as face wash. How has that worked for you? I've also heard that olive oil is good too!


  2. i use baking soda as shampoo sometimes too. doesn't smell as nice, but leaves it squeaky clean! and love your feeling of contentment. it's such a good feeling! and a dinner parties are so much fun. enjoy!

  3. Twinsies! Since becoming a stay at home wife/mother to be I'm even more addicted to pinterest! I've found ways to make home made baby wipes and tons of baby items! Also try geleten (plain) mixed with egg white for a deep cleansing peel!!

  4. about the baking soda thing--do you just put it right in your hair, in the shower? haha that sounds stupid but i'm just wondering if it's more like dry shampoo (where you use it on dry hair). love idea and have been meaning to try it!

    also, i love that you burst into dance during runs. that's the coolest! dancing is my favorite way to work out, and i can't seem to listen to music without getting up and moving around. kudos to you for doing it out on the street haha :)

    grace & love,

  5. Aka free birth! Love this post, chicka!

  6. yes, what kristyn asked...tell me more about this baking powder idea!

    hahahahah. spontaneous dance walking. that is awesome. please tell me you've seen the "prancersizing" videos going around. you have got to see them.

  7. best birth control ever. amen sister friend!!!

    also, i am so very happy for you!

  8. Dinner parties are so much fun! We just had one on Saturday with a bunch of friends. Such a great time!


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