Thursday, August 8, 2013


reading: Plan B, Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lammot (not my favorite of her work, but I don't hate it), another poetry book by Billy Collins, and Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson.

eating: the most beautiful chocolate mousse cake which has been living on our counter all week. Everytime I look at it, I feel so proud to have mastered a French recipe, and then I remember that Trevor actually made it. Well.

drinking: this super-organic mate green tea I bought on clearance at Target. I feel like I should wear Chacos and a feather in my hair while drinking it, but it's good. I get this weird energy-high when I drink it--like, suspiciously high, as in I want to clean the whole apartment after being at work all day, all while singing Gloria Estefan. I'm not questioning it.

loving: my new glasses (even though I am afraid the prescription is much too strong, as my shoes look twenty feet away and I can't make it through a grocery store trip without falling all over strangers and magazine racks.) Also, after dinner walks, coffee in travel mugs, and avocados.

hoping: to have long, luscious locks by the fall.

watching: Cheers reruns. Don't you just hate when you're talking to new friends and they ask what shows you watch and your only answer is "Um...Cheers." Who even knows what the cool kids are watching these days?

feeling: overwhelmed. Jobs, dreams, 5 year plans, debt--the usual adult stuff. (Also, dental hygeine. I realized, the other day, that my parents will never again pay for my dental work, and I hyperventilated and bought multiple packs of dental floss.) This grown-up stuff, sheesh. I'm starting to even resent my dreams; they only leave me feeling guilty and so far behind on my Life Schedule. Although I am ahead of the game in the marriage department, so maybe that makes it even for a while? Surely.


  1. What IS your favorite book by Anne Lamott? Curious. For someone who's never read anything by her, where would you suggest beginning (perhaps that's a different question)?

  2. But everyone should rewatch Cheers! Cheers is one of the greatest shows of all time! Are you a Diane or Rebecca fan? Personally I think Sam and Diane are one of the best couples in TV history.

    Now, tell people you're doing a full Family Ties rewatch and that'll get you some looks. water damage Winston Salem

  3. hahaha
    reading: enjoying God by s.j. hill - very good!
    eating: nothing that is good for me
    drinking: lots of starbucks white mocha's (i fall over onto people and magazine racks because of these and not my glasses)
    loving: the civil wars new album
    hoping: for specific dreams
    watching: Wings on netflix. Haha, i'm right there with you with the old tv shows!
    feeling: joyful and adventurous!

    i've said it before and i'll say it again, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    xoxo, kerri

  4. So cute, as always! Don't we all want great hair by fall? Alas, my hair has never been what you could call "luscious" by any stretch. Your new glasses are really cute! I wish I could pull off the big glasses look. You should probably get them changed to the right rx though . . . I just found out I've been over-prescribed for five years! The good news is, all those headaches I thought were from caffeine addiction were actually just eye strain. :)

  5. oooh. chocolate mousse cake sounds delicious!

  6. josh and i just recently bought some of those floss picker things?
    we're so adult.

  7. Hahaha. The Chacos comment. I could never get myself to wear those confidently... although, they would have been so helpful on my trips.


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