Saturday, August 10, 2013

to the writer (and artist, in general)

"In a country of professionals, we learn to apologize for our hobbies, our weekend pursuits, the passion for rocks or country inns or forensic pathology that keeps us up late into the night. 'I'm just an amateur,' we whisper, half ashamed of the work and devotion that neither pays the bills nor wins the prizes. But where would out world be without amateurs?

With or without formal training, with or without the promise of a paycheck, with or without support, they pursue their heart's desire. Hence, the name amateur, from amare, 'to love'. If you find yourself apologizing for being 'just an amateur,' stop yourself. Remind yourself of the passion and energy that sustain your life's work, and use that passion and energy to fuel your writing."

Rebecca McClanahan
Write Your Heart Out


  1. Great post! Pursue their heart's desire, love it :)

  2. Girl, you just posted the words that I needed to read. Love this + your new blog look! :)

  3. This. Is. Amazing! And much needed! Thanks for sharing! I must read this book now!


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