Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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I'm learning to be brave, put myself out there. Having the new neighbor girls over for coffee. Initiating conversation when I would be more comfortable watching from a corner. Applying for jobs that I'm afraid to apply to. Volunteering for things when staying home with a book in my hands sounds so much more tempting. And I'm finding that it's making life so much more rich, that I'm able to see God move and hear Him speak so much more clearly in those scary, uncomfortable moments. He's stretching me hard core and I think I like it.

We're getting ready for a camping trip to the Outer Banks this weekend. Gathering our camping gear, making lists, dreaming about an afternoon of sailing. Praying our air mattress is still in working condition (we tent camp, but in a very cushy, caffeine and chocolate-fueled kind of way.) Nothing like an end of summer camping trip.

I'm still writing my book, still loving and hating it. Plowing through, ignoring the voices that say, "Now, this is just dumb. You actually think you're writing a book?" Sometimes you just have to tell that voice to shove it. I'm starting to get distracted, however, by other artsy endeavors. Watercolor, art journaling, photography, scrapbooking. But it's all fun.

Loving that this is starting to feel like "our" church, like we're not in the "Hi, my name is ______" stage, we're actually becoming friends with these people. It's such a good feeling. We had baptisms in a nearby lake on Saturday, the first crisp day of the season, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Dreaming of a new direction for this blog in 2014, which I know is still a ways off, but I'm already excited about where I want to take it. Thanks for reading, friends. xo


  1. Looks lovely! What kind of church do you belong to? I think baptism in a lake would be awesome! Have fun at your camping trip!! =)

  2. You're life sounds like it going amazing right about now, Heather! I'm sure God has so much in store for you and your husband.

  3. haha i like the idea of chocolate infused camping- fingers crossed that air mattress is in working order! and go you for being more brave. i sometimes have to physically push myself to do some scary steps, but i'm always happy i did them in the end :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. I wish I learned to be brave by being brave. Lately I've been learning to be brave by not being brave, and then realizing how much I may have missed. Have you ever read Luci Shaw's "The Crime of Living Cautiously: Hearing God's Call to Adventure"? The title sounds like some hybrid of self-help genre + paranoia, but it's a little more meditative and laced with the author's poetry, which in my opinion is it's finest feature. I envy you for allowing yourself to be stretched and uncomfortable. Blessings on the journey.

  5. You are so beautiful and this post was lovely. Yeah for being brave and going after new things!!! Love your house...have you showed pics of your adorable house yet? If not, I want to see them! love Katie

  6. How is Gwyneth's cook book?? I want to get it so bad!

  7. How wonderful that you are stepping outside your box and seeing where God takes you! Isn't it amazing that we can know that He will guide us through everything?!?! :-)

  8. I have those very same voices while writing my manuscript but, like you pointed out, we must ignore and push forth. :)

  9. 1. you have the best pictures ALWAYS
    2. excited for your new blog dreams
    3. LOVE that gwenyth paltrow book
    4. you're great!

  10. hope y'all had a good time camping!!
    i'm excited for your 2014 dreams :)


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