Monday, September 9, 2013

(further) ways I stay inspired

I did a post recently on simple ways I stay inspired and I realized that there is always so much more to say on the topic of inspiration. Here are further ways I stay creative.

1. I take an interest in hobbies I don't personally do.

 I am fascinated, for example, by cooking and knitting. I will probably never be a chef or knitter, personally, but these are both inspiring to me. I love leafing through my mom's knitting magazines and seeing other people's creations, along with reading food blogs and cookbooks. Do I make the recipes inside? Rarely. But reading about a person's passion for cooking, even though I'm terrible at it, opens up my mind to the infinite avenues of creativity one can choose.

In short, learn from others' passions. Read Julia Child's memoir, listen to your roommate talk about her love for crocheting, have your mother-in-law give you decorating tips. Their passions will spark something in you.

2. I take in "visual feasts."

Writing is not a visual activity, for the most part, and staring at black words on a screen for hours can be a bit draining. Sometimes it's nice to get away from the desk and wander around a place that will ignite my visual senses. These places for me are libraries, the colorful knitting shop downtown, local parks, and even artsy, colorful movies. I was not a major fan of the movie Hyde Park on Hudson, for example, but it was definitely a visual feast that left me inspired.

3. I make sure I am constantly learning.

Part of me will always mourn that I am finished with school, but there are always other ways to continue your education. I do this by taking online classes (I am currently loving the Influence Network classes), grabbing books at the library I would ordinarily pass by (how-to's, poetry, etc.) and going to the free classes/seminars at local colleges and libraries. Okay, that last one may sound a little nerdy, but if you have the time, they're actually really interesting. I recently went to a great class at the library on screenwriting and learned things I wouldn't have otherwise.

What are some ways that you stay inspired?


  1. Hey Heather! I agree with #3 a lot! I wasn't a big book reader growing up but now in my later 20's I'm obsessed with reading. Anything and everything. It's amazing how much free time you have to read for pleasure once you are out of school.

    I actually want to go back to school just for fun to take some photography classes. That is what learning is all about, doing it because you have a passion or interest in something.

    Kudos to this post!

    Again, love the photography!


  2. I love this post. All of it is so true. Keeping your curiosity intact and keeping your mind stimulated is so healthy and so good for creatives. My husband and I decided to sign up for an English Lit class at a local community college this fall just for fun and it's been so rewarding! I haven't read too much 18th/19th century British poetry so I'm really learning and broadening my mind.

    Great tips, keep it up :)

  3. I also mourn that I'm finished with school. I've gone back to do fine art studies, but it never felt as academically rigorous. I studied latin after all, that made my brain do somersaults. I agree with getting inspiration from visual feasts, but there are so many other feasts for the senses as well: hearing, tasting, feeling. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen, really listen, to everything that's happening around me. This post has really inspired me to shake up my creative routine a bit! X Jane


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