Monday, October 7, 2013

like leaves on the sidewalk

Dear You,

I may not personally know you, but I know that you are important. More important than you think. You add so much color to this world, even in those moments when you're distracted by thinking of what you could do better, how you could improve on this or that, too caught up in whatever you hair is doing today to think about changing the world. You really do have such an impact on those around you, even when that's the furthest thing from your mind.

Maybe you're tired. Maybe you've spent your whole life comparing yourself to other people, becoming obsessive in finding all the ways you'll never measure up. Life is too short for that. Stop wondering what other people think or do. You (you!) have something to offer, something that no one else could ever replicate.

So do it your own unique way. Spread joy, love, hope in a way that feels true to your own gifts and abilities. Don't try to be the best.

Just try, period.

Take a risk. Put yourself out there for the sake of someone else. Do something that pulls you out of yourself. And watch as beauty and friendship and opportunity unfold around you like leaves piling onto the sidewalk; like finding a five dollar bill in your pocket or a compliment from a stranger.

So what are you waiting for? What are you letting hold you back?

The world's waiting for someone like you.




  1. I love the line "Watch as beauty and friendship and opportunity unfold around you like leaves piling onto the sidewalk . . ." Beautiful thought, beautiful letter. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  2. Brilliant thoughts Heather! Have a fantastic Monday, may it be full of little wonders!

  3. This is so beautiful and just what I needed to hear today:) Thank you:)

  4. i needed this. thank for all of your words. they have been a recent blessing to me as i found them.

  5. So motivated by the same sentiment! Living out bold and fearless and expectant of opportunity. Thanks for this!

  6. Love this, was just talking about the special abilities/gifts God give us the other day in Bible class. I go to private school, so yeah, I take Bible. But this was perfect!


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