Tuesday, November 19, 2013

two years ago

I was late to the ceremony, running and breathless because they forgot I was in the back room of the church, messing with my veil, waiting.
My hair was an unfortunate mess.
Somehow all the songs on our "Do Not Play" list were played. Even the YMCA.
And, yes. The boob tape failed. 

But we'll always have something to laugh about. And, you know, that's kind of better than anything.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Love that picture of you guys and your dress is beautiful. It's funny how all the planning usually goes up in smoke the day of the wedding:) That's what makes the day so memorable:)

  2. The best memories are the unexpected ones, right? Happy anniversary Heather! Best wishes from the Blogosphere :)

  3. Aww Happy Anniversary. Things went wrong at my wedding too but when I look back at it I see sheer beauty in the moment. You were such a gorgeous bride!

  4. Happy Anniversary, H! Such a cute photo.

  5. Your dress is gorgeous!!
    What a great photo :)

  6. Ha! I had YMCA on my do not play list too :)

  7. ha, i love this so much. perfect example of how the day doesn't have to be perfect. i think the imperfections of a wedding day make it that much more memorable.


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