Sunday, October 5, 2014

day 5

I think the difference between an immature Christian and a mature Christian is carelessness. The mature Christian is thoughtful and careful - intentional - about every word he says, everything he does. Some people are so good at that. You can tell they measure their words, pause before getting angry. It's obvious when a person has that trait.

I don't think enough about sin, about being conscious of when I'm sinning, particularly with my words. Some things I stubbornly haven't handed over to God yet. And yet I want to be someone who only speaks words of encouragement, of life. I want to think, and pray, before I act. I want to be conscious, at all times, that God is with me. That I can either glorify him or not, honor him with my words and actions or not. I'm ready to grow up a little.


  1. "i don't think enough about sin, about being conscious of when i'm sinning, particularly with my words"
    ^amen and amen. me too.
    i'm ready to grow up a little as well.
    fantastic post.

  2. I feel the same sometimes. Our tongues are hard to tame, aren't they? Learning to speak love always is something I really need to work on. Good thing we have a long life ahead of us to grow deeper in Him.


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