Monday, October 6, 2014

day 6, or camping part one

Trevor and I went camping at Hangin Rock, NC, just for a night, but it was so what we needed. Just a little jolt of fresh air and adventure to get us excited about a new season. You know how sometimes you have these great expectations for a trip and then it totally falls flat and you just want to turn right around and leave? This was not one of those times. This was perfect. We even crossed some things off our bucket list that we didn't expect and if you really want to know, well, you can email me.


  1. I think I've only been there once when I was little, but it's beautiful (North Carolinian here). I can't wait to drive up on the Blue Ridge Parkway soon and see the leaves changing.

  2. These are gorgeous photos! I'm glad it was a good trip for y'all. Those are the best kind!

  3. I love that ya took real bowls and plates! Beauty full photos!


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