Tuesday, April 23, 2013

some awkwardness for your week

Awkward things:

- Self check-outs at the grocery store. My husband loves them but by the time I'm through with them (that is, if I don't give up and find a real cashier) I want to take a baseball bat to the thing. It's just never the smooth, uncomplicated experience you want. "Place item in bag. PLACE ITEM IN BAG!" I don't like being yelled at by machines; I guess I'm sensitive that way. If someone is being paid to do all that nonsense for me, why not just let them? That's pretty much my life philosophy.

- Eating out with other Christians or, more specifically, saying grace. It's tricky because everyone, I've learned, has their own concrete idea of when exactly this should take place. So every time I eat out with a Christian, I have discern what type they are: the pray before the rolls type, pray before salad and/or appetizers type or, worst of all, the pray before taking a sip of water type. Personally, I think it makes sense to pray before the actual meal (or even afterwards!) But what do I know.

- Finding a paper on marriage I wrote in the seventh grade. It read, "When I'm a wife, I will always be obedient and cook breakfast every morning." Trevor laughed just a little too hard when I read it to him.

- When someone hits my car. Normally I'm the one doing something illegal or idiotic on the road (unintentionally, of course), so when someone hit my car in the library parking lot the other day, I had no idea how to respond.

There I sat in the parking lot, ready to pull out, when this girl starts backing out, oblivious that I was directly behind her. Never having a reason to use it before, I fumbled to find the horn, not quite ready to die (although somewhat pleased that, if it had to happen, it was with a pile of newly checked out books beside me.) It was too late, though, and she bonked into the side of my little Honda.

 I thought maybe I should have been angry? or got her insurance information, perhaps? But when I caught a glimpse of her in her rearview mirror, she looked a lot like me; young, a little ditzy, the type of girl whose nose was always in a book. So, unsure of what else to do, I simply smiled and waved like, "Me too, girl. Me too." I've yet to inspect my car.


  1. haha! Oh no!! I'm sorry about your car!
    I really dislike self check out lines too!! I always hear on the intercom that there is no waiting in the self-checkout line and I always think 'duh! I wouldn't want to be in that line either! I want a real person not a computer!!' :)
    oh! And I love that paper you wrote in the seventh grade!! So adorable!! xo

  2. Sorry to hear about your car!! That was so sweet of you to sympathize with her. Having been in her shoes, it makes the WORLD of a difference when someone is understanding!

    And I totally feel ya on the prayer stuff!! That's so funny, I never realized that I'm consciously thinking exactly what you typed whenever I sit down to a meal with another Christian.

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. hahah i've done that before, just didn't even get out of the car because the person look traumatized.
    I hope that it isn't a lot of damage.

    And yes prayers...i've never really thought of it that way, i suppose i'm more "before the meal" type...hmmm but really it doesn't matter when....ya know?

  4. I seriously cracked up reading this! I feel like every single one of these things would happen to me. I actually had an older lady back into my car in the mall parking lot before. It was totally her fault but she tried to pin it on me because I was young and vulnerable! So so awkward.

  5. Love your response to the girl who hit your car! If I ever find myself in that gal's shoes, I hope my victim is as understanding as you were! :D

  6. 'I fumbled to find the horn' almost spit out my water. too funny girl.
    you are too good for being so sympathetic! if you are going to claim it under your insurance, you got to make the call rather quick. don't know who you have for insurance but one of the clause is it is your obligation to report a claim as soon as possible. now the as soon as possible might be up for discussion! haha.

  7. haha these made me laugh! oh, the things we thought about marriage as youngsters ;) and the praying thing is complicated, everyone really is different it's funny! i'm sorry about your car--but what a sweet and merciful person you are for not getting mad OR asking her to pay (but i'm not a car person, so maybe that's why haha)

    grace & love,

  8. Haha, I always hit the mute button on the self-checkout before I even start ringing out :) I worked in a grocery store during high school and therefore feel that I know the exact process of bagging groceries and get annoyed when the cashier doesn't bag it the way I would (despite putting it in order on the little conveyor belt!), so I have to do it myself!

    And how nice about the car- I have totally been there. I'm sure she's super grateful.

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